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Tobey Vogt, owner of DIVINE Fish & MeatTobey Vogt, owner of DIVINE Fish & Meat, was born with a passion for food since his days growing up in a small farming town in Pennsylvania.  He is now a 20-year veteran of the food industry who recently moved to Montrose from Vail Valley to bring his passion to the Western Slope.  

Tobey’s DIVINE Fish & Meat is the only retailer on the Western Slope that offers only the best quality meat and fish with an emphasis on sustainability, which contributes to healthier biomasses and preservation of a natural environment.  The customer experience includes ideas for preparation, education on the product and often an introduction to the farmers and ranchers who raised the product.  Tobey’s passion for sustainability is the backbone of DIVINE, which does business with the most sustainable fisheries and farms in the world. 

At DIVINE, fresh fish in the case is just that, fresh, NOT frozen then thawed.  DIVINE gets fresh deliveries 3 days a week, which allows DIVINE to get the best fish… fresh and fast.  The time from sea to table is usually 3-5 days or less!  Look for Grouper, Live Lobster, Sashimi Grade fish, Walleye, Salmon, Opah, Oysters and more!

DIVINE’s meat case consists of the top pasture raised products in the U.S. many of which come from right here in Colorado.  DIVINE carries lamb, pork, poultry, beef, sausage and more!  DIVINE offers the best meats available in today’s market, including USDA Prime and Wagyu (American Kobe). 

Tobey is currently in the planning stages of expanding DIVINE to include casual fine dining.

We look forward to seeing you at DIVINE Fish & Meat.

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