Chicken – Breast


Origin: California Coast

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Chicken Farm

    • 100% Vegetarian-Fed — The feed that is provided to our chickens is part of a 100% vegetarian diet with no artificial growth stimulants or animal bi-products.
    • Organic Minerals — We provide only the best organic minerals to boost the chicken’s natural immune system.
    • Flax Seed — Flax seed is a natural food for chickens that helps boost OMEGA 3s in our chickens.
    • Antibiotic-Free — We run a “never ever” program where our chickens never receive antibiotics. Because of the extra effort put into the raising of our chickens, we do not require antibiotics.
    • Free Range (Open Environment) — We provide open environments which allow our chickens to roam freely throughout our facilities; we will have double the space of a larger animal confined operation.

Family Farms

    • Air-Chilled — When hand-processing our birds, we use high speed fans, specially-designed equipment, and cooler space to chill our birds. We do this so our birds do not have the bacteria exposure that so many other processing facilities allow. In addition, our birds do not come with excess water as part of the packaging; you only get 100% meat for your money — no water added.
    • Hand-Processed — We handle every bird in the facility with care to ensure better quality than anywhere else.

Open Environment Facilities

  • Traceability — Every bird that is raised, processed, and delivered to our customers can be tracked all way back to the flock which hatched the egg. We have worked very hard to put together our tracking systems, and if there is ever an issue with our product, we have the ability track down the problem.