“DIVINE Skewers” – Prime Grade Beef Tenderloin


Fort Morgan, Colorado

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Our “DIVINE Skewers” are made with 100% organic fruits and vegetables.  We combine those natural ingredients with our sustainable fish and all natural meats to create the most Divine grilling experience available.


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Creekstone Farms Natural Black Angus Beef               

Did you know that many beef producers claim their product is natural when the animals the beef came from were raised using antibiotics, hormones, and growth promoting drugs? Not At Creekstone Farms! All of our Natural products come from animals raised in truly Natural manner.

The Creekstone Farms Natural Protocols:

  • No Antibiotics – EVER!
  • No Added Hormones – EVER!
  • No Growth Promoting Drugs – EVER!
  • No Artificial Ingredients – EVER!
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet
  • Sourced Verified to Ranch of Birth
  • Humane Animal Handling Practices
  • It takes longer and creates more work to raise cattle using these guidelines, but we think it’s the right thing to do.


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