Opah (Moonfish) – Top Loin


Origin: Hawaii



Opah Flavor Profile

Fresh Opah, also called Moonfish, has translucent pinkish flesh and beautiful multi-colored skin. The tender top loin of Opah is a light salmon-orange or pink-rose color and is often used for sashimi.  The flavor of the top loin is sweet & lean with a texture somewhat like tuna.

The side and lower flesh of Opah is the same light salmon-orange color at the top but fades to a paler color at the bottom and is too fibrous to be used for sashimi but still becomes very tender after cooking.  With a robust flavor similar to tuna or swordfish, the lower loin is higher in natural oil than the top loin and has a fat content which can be higher than Salmon.

– www.chefs-resources.com

Opah Fish

photo by www.fishindex.blogspot.com