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“There are many regional varieties of Pacific oysters, ranging from slightly fruity with a green-apple finish to crisp and lightly salty to full-on briny with a sublime steely aftertaste.”

– Sammysseafood.com

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“In oyster bars and at special occasions everywhere, Goose Point shell-stock oysters, beautifully plump in a compact shell, are always in high demand. Our live, in-shell oysters are a true delicacy, noted for their mild flavor. Served fresh on the half-shell or on the barbeque, Goose Point oysters resemble the light, salty, clean taste of ocean air, complete with a smooth follow-through. Our shell-stock oysters are available in yearling, extra small, small, medium and large sizes.”

-Goose Point


“Our most innovative oyster, Shigokus are Pacific oysters grown in bags that are attached to floats that go up and down in the tides, tumbling the oysters. Every time the oysters get agitated, they use their muscles to close their shells. It’s like Pilates class for oysters twice a day, and the result is an oyster with wonderfully firm flesh and a deep cup. Shigoku means “ultimate” in Japanese, and we think these unique oysters fit the bill.”

-Taylor Shellfish, Shigoku Oysters

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Goose Point Willapa Bay / dozen, Shigoku South Puget Sound /dozen