Trout – Rainbow (Boneless Butterfly Fillet)


Origin: Idaho



Company Overview Hero

Profile: Mild, nutty flavor

Preparation and Handling

Oven: Place trout in baking pan with one-quarter inch of liquid and bake at 400°F – 425°F for 15-20* minutes.

Broil: Lay trout open, skin side down in baking pan 4 inches from heat source for 3-5 minutes.

Grill: Place trout on grate, brushed with oil, and grill on medium to medium-high heat 3-5 per side*.

Sauté: Place trout flesh down in lightly oiled pan on medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes per side*.

Poach: Place trout in pan and cover with liquid and heat on low heat for 6-8* minutes.

*Product must reach an internal temperature of 145°F prior to serving.