Salmon – Loch Duart






Loch Duart Has a Totally Unique Scottish Broodstock

Loch Duart salmon bears a strong similarity in appearance and structure to wild salmon. Fish are slim and torpedo-shaped with fully developed fins and large powerful tails.

Originally stock was collected from the rivers Spey, Thurso, North Esk, Laxford and others and crossed over a period of many years.

Loch Duart is high in Omega-3

Loch Duart feeds the salmon a diet which is close to the natural diet of wild salmon.  In the wild, salmon eat small fish, also krill, squid and shrimp.  This rich diet also helps make Loch Duart high in Omega-3’s. In fact, according to resources consumers of Loch Duart salmon can rest assured that just one 130g portion of Loch Duart salmon provides 90% of one’s recommended weekly intake.



Famous Chefs around the Globe LOVE Loch Duart: 

  • “I like to use quality Scottish salmon fed on as natural a diet as possible. I get this from Loch Duart.” –  Gordon Ramsay
  • “I have used Loch Duart salmon for many years, because I believe they are the gold standard in fish farming.”Raymond Blanc
  • “This is the closest thing I have ever seen to a wild salmon.”Rick Stein
  • “Over the past three years, we have used salmon from Loch Duart exclusively.” – Corey Lee, Chef de Cuisine, The French Laundry

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