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“We offer a more consciously farmed salmon that meets high standards of taste and quality.”

“Verlasso salmon are raised in the clean waters of Patagonia, where we take great measures to minimize any effect we might have on the environment. Our fish are given ample room to grow, and interaction with the natural environment is carefully managed. By ensuring the health of our salmon, we ensure their benefit to your health.”


“We are dedicated to raising fish of the highest quality. The great care we take in raising our fish is evident in the salmon’s color, texture and flavor.”


“When you purchase a Verlasso fillet, you can expect the exceptional flavor that you associate with premium-quality salmon.”


“Our salmon are filleted locally, packed on ice and shipped in less than 24 hours to ensure fresh-caught quality.”


“We are careful to maintain healthy levels of omega-3 in our fish’s diet, so each fillet provides the omega-3s you expect when you eat salmon (about 3.5 grams per 6-ounce serving).”


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