Shrimp – Wild Mexican Gulf, Peeled and Deveined, 16-20 (Lg)


Origin: Texas

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Mexican White Shrimp

Different locales breed different species of shrimp. In Mexico, the clear, sun-drenched waters serve as a pure and healthy environment for ocean life and the currents create nutrient-rich waters, ultimately resulting in a bold flavored and firm shrimp. The free-range wild shrimp grow large because they are actively swimming throughout the gulf, which creates more muscle. They are known for an extra firm texture and slightly sweet flavor.

The Mexican Shrimp industry has instilled strict quality standards, exact sizing and true net weights. This fits with our commitment of maintaining sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices as well as strictly enforcing net weight standards. Whether from shrimp farms or wild harvest, 100 percent of Mexican shrimp are traceable from the end-user back to the processing plant.

Some quick facts about Mexican White Shrimp:

  • A 3 ounce serving has 18 grams of lean protein, zero saturated fat, zero carbohydrates and just 80 calories
  • Shrimp are extremely low in cholesterol on par with skinless poultry and right on top of beef, pork, lamb, eggs and cheese